Friday, July 19, 2013

Update on works

Some are still firing in the kiln right now. I refired some of the works with decals on them, as I wasn't happy yet with how my home-made decals came out. I took it right back up to 1020 degrees and curiously enough the commercial open stock decal sank in nicely. (The lovely gold decals from J.T. McMaster Screenprinting burnt right out). I do love the boron breaking glaze over the terracotta, recipe from  an old Australian pottery book....

And this is the other side, with a laser toner decal (which I teach how to do in my workshops), which curiously enough, went a darker shade of sepia on the boron base glaze, compared with its usual lighter-brown  hue on clear glazes. (My PhD uni books in background that I've been busy on lately.)

The image is from an 1888 wood engraving published in a French book by Camille Flammarion titled the 'Roof of Heaven'. 

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