Monday, March 17, 2014

First Week of the Artist in Residency at Fairvale High School

Here are some of the projects being undertaken at Fairvale High School.
Year 9 Visual Art class with Ms Haberecht have a 'Mechanical Thing' project. It develops their work from last year where they had built a sculptural object from found objects.  They were already up and running with their drawings and ideas. This term they will make their individual works in clay and glaze the final pieces.

To get the students thinking about surfaces, textures and imprinting, they started off rolling out their own tiles from slabs of clay with rolling pins.
They then were instructed to try out different imprints from a variety of objects collected in the classroom: i.e. left-over pieces of electronics, toys, plastic blocks, wheels, cogs and small pieces of machinery.

The Year 11 Visual Arts class with Ms Haberecht were working on a 'Nude Fruit' project. Again, they had comprehensively developed a theme around fruit - having drawn and photographed and painted fruit in a number of different mediums last term. Now they are looking at hand-building in clay an anamorphic fruit object.

And they also kicked off their ceramic work by creating their own tiles with textures and imprints. This time I asked the students to take their clay outside to try out a variety of organic surfaces - bark, leaves, stones and so on.

Here are some of the unfired tiles:

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