Monday, March 31, 2014

Mechanical Object Project at Fairvale High School Year 9 Art Class

Various Construction Methods
During the first few weeks of  this project, I demonstrated various ways of constructing shapes out of clay. The students tried out the methods straight away and began working on a small marquette based on their original drawing. 

The above image shows how to use foam packaging (from packaging you get when you buy household appliances such as printers, microwave, etc.) It has to be the sturdy foam, not the stuff that collapses and crumples into beads. Some of the students needed to get an industrial aesthetic for their object, so the geometrical shapes, squares and imprints in the foam were perfect. You need to lightly spray the foam with oil before applying the rolled-out slabs of clay. Household olive or canola oil is fine. But be careful about applying underglaze to an unfired surface that has the oil, as it won't take it as well. Better to apply it after bisquing, or try to wipe it off, or avoid the section that may need the colour.

Students trying out some of the various foam shapes for their marquettes.

I also demonstrated using cardboard rolls wrapped in newspaper as armatures to get cylinder shapes. 

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